The Japanese Project For The First Underwater City Is Incredible

Around 70 percent of Earth is covered by water, so the idea of settling new cities underwater is a possible option in the future, given that in 2050 the world population will be around 9,6 billion.

A Japanese architecture team published some renderings of a possible underwater city, a project that can be possible to see in 2035, and can host up to 5000 people. The structure extends two miles deep into the sea, and there is space for businesses, hotels and homes. The cost will be around 26 billion dollar, and will be totally Eco-compatible.

Let’s take a look of this stunning project.


This is the city seen from distance.


The sphere is the actual city, and is more than 500 metres long.


The gigantic inner atrium.


An open space to take an underwater promenade.


The “Blue Garden’s grand entrance.


A gondola starts at the bottom of the city sphere


… and is attached to a base almost 2 miles down at the sea floor.

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