The Most Epic Lego Train Set Ever Built

Having grown up playing lego quite regularly, I was often quite impressed by the ships or castle-like structures I was able to build. But they all pail in comparison to this absolutely epic lego train set. The set not only goes throughout the entire house, but it also takes it’s adventure outside! You will be amazed…

bee queen

This Woman Dances With 12,000 Bees

Due to the fear of being stung, the only dance that most of us do with a bee is the awkward moves that arise from trying to shoo a nearby one away from us. But this remarkable woman not only openly invites them, but once they arrive dances calmly with 12,000 of them! She is referred…


Date While You Wait: Speed Dating In The Subway

Having just rode it last night, I was reminded of how isolated and awkward riding public transit can be. Despite being around hundreds of people we all seem to love being in our own world, where very little is exchanged with a stranger beyond an awkward quick glance that is quickly shifted away. While technology certainly…