Jetblue’s Promotion Will Change The Way You Feel About Crying Babies On An Airplane

To most of us, flying is already an overall unpleasant experience. Whether it be the hassles of security, the hours of waiting, or a phobia of flying itself it’s something that so few of us genuinely look forward to.

The experience becomes that much more challenging when that flight also includes a baby, who, unaware of what is going on, is bound to cry for at least a portion of the flight.

As trapped passengers there is literally nothing we can do to escape it. But what if we looked at it from the perspective of the parents with the child? Do you not think that they feel bad for the “inconvenience” they are causing and truly have no control over?

This new promotion by Jetblue reminds us to not make their lives more difficult or uncomfortable and to instead be understanding and supportive.

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